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The Team


Carlos Luna

Founder and CEO

Carlos Luna is a natural entrepreneur. From Guadalajara to the world, Carlos has been true to his roots, exploring and innovating traditional Mexican cuisine and incorporating contemporary and unique ingredients.

Creator of Los Agaves, Santo Mezcal, and Flor de Maíz, Carlos has positioned himself as one of the most recognized restaurateurs in Santa Barbara, CA, always looking to create restaurant concepts that exceed expectations.

With a force that makes him tireless, he is always in search of continuous improvement and creating memorable experiences for all our patrons. That is the passion that defines him.

Mike Casas

Founder and COO

Mike Casas is a true citizen of the world. Apart from his positive vibe and permanent smile, he is an innovative thinker.

He studied Culinary Arts at Anahuac University in Mexico City, falling in love with everything related to making people happy through exceptional hospitality experiences.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Management of Tourism Companies from the European Postgraduate Center and a “ManageMentor” diploma from Harvard University.

Mike is the creator of brands like: La Orgánika Mercado, La Clásica Taquería, and La Clásica Ice Cream Shop. He has also played a crucial role in the opening and launch of multiple, international hotel and restaurant brands. 

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